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OUR NEW ONLINE FEATURE, "Questions Catholics Ask," sheds insight on topics ranging from specific Church teachings to Catholic culture to religious vocations. Noted Catholic authors Alice Camille and Sr. Julie Vieira, IHM contribute regularly. Don't miss Alice Camille's recent posts on Lent: Where did Lent come from? and Why do Catholics wear ashes on Ash Wednesday?

lent_prayer.gifYou might also find Alice Camille's post on the Five C's of Confession helpful during this penitential season. Here is an excerpt:

The Five C's of the Rite of Reconciliation are Conviction, Confession, Contrition, Compensation, and Correction. 

  • Conviction: I admit I've done wrong. That's covered in the opening line of the rite: "Bless me, Father, for I have sinned." 

  • Confession: How I hand over the actual matter of my responsibility: What did I do or fail to do that puts me at odds with God, others, or myself?

  • Contrition: Reciting the "Act of Contrition" is a time-honored way of expressing a "lively sorrow" for sin in your life. Or express your regret in your own words. As you express contrition, the priest offers the formula of absolution the church prescribes.

  • Compensation: The priest gives you a penance. It you stole something, you may be asked to return it; if the offense is less tangible, you may be asked to spend time in prayer or in other ways demonstrate your good will.

  • Correction: In the Act of Contrition we pray: "I firmly resolve with the helpf of thy grace to sin no more and to avoid the near occasion of sin. " With God's help we're not going to repeat our bad behavior. To strengthen this resolve we're going to avoid places, people, and patterns that triggered the behavior in the past. 

These steps to restoration are valid not only in the rites of the church but in any relationship where reconciliation is needed. 

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