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The habit question in Vocation Match

religious.jpgSOME PEOPLE GOING THROUGH VOCATION MATCH have asked why they are matched with a mix of communities with or without obvious habits when they have specifically chosen that they do not or do want to wear a habit. The answer is simple: the habit question is not an eliminating question in Vocation Match. In other words, if you match with a community in all other areas except the habit question, that community is going to appear in your results.

The habit question was intentionally designed not to have an eliminating answer because for many communities habits are worn by some members and not by others; for others the habits they choose to wear may not be what some think of as "traditional" religious garb, but are in fact the religious habit of that community. For still others, questions about the community's attire are being discussed and are in flux.

So the habit question is complicated and worth discussing with a vocation director--particularly if you match with a community in all other areas.


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WE ARE IN THE PROCESS OF SURVEYING 30,000 VISION website visitors who have completed online profiles in the past five years. We are grateful for the enlightening and constructive responses we are receiving. If you haven't done so already, please take a moment to complete the survey. Your responses will help us serve you and others better.

Thank you to the alert repondents last Friday who notified us of the ranking question error. The problem was fixed.

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