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November 2010

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How to discover your vocation in our digital age

WHETHER YOU ARE 20 or 4 times 20 you can't help but be awed by the extraordinary pace of development in our digital age. Vocation Directors who recently gathered in Cleveland were inundated with facts about our new age of rapid communication and technological advances. If you haven't seen the video "Social Media Revolution 2," it's worth watching just to give you a sense of the wonder of it all.










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Advent is a good time to tune out distractions and tune in to your heart

marymotheroftheword.jpgFAST IS GOOD, but so is slow. Important decisions--like what you want to be when you grow up or who you want to be when you grow old--take time to weigh and measure.

Advent (which starts at the end of this month) is the perfect season for stepping back, winding down, and tuning in to the peace that is Christ's gift to us.


The secret to a balanced life

Let God's Word open the door to your heart

Full of grace: reclaiming the rosary

Follow the call: homilies and prayers on discernment


Be prepared for 2011 Vocation Awareness Week by ordering resources now

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VISION Vocation Trends survey results
surprise and reassure

THE TREND SURVEY completed last month and the daily updated VISION reader response statistics continue to surprise and reassure the VISION editors that Catholics of all ages and stripes are seriously considering religious life. Complete results and filtered responses of our 2010 VISION Vocation Match Trends survey are available on the VISION website


- DISCERNERS love COME and SEEs and PERSONAL contact: A good majority of discerners responding to the survey ranked Come and Sees and Personal Contact as very important or essential in gathering vocation information. (NOTE WELL, Vocation Directors--post your events on VISION's event calendar!)

- DON'T BE AFRAID TO CALL: Old and young still prefer email or an old-fashioned telephone call (no, we don't mean texting, either) when it comes to vocation-related communicating. 

- JUSTICE and PEACE issues of particular concern to younger set: Justice and peace issues ranked very important and essential to 65 percent of those under 40 as opposed to 48 percent of the over 40s.


Looking for some inspiration during the Advent and Christmas seasons?

Check out the Opportunity Calendar for upcoming vocation events, retreats, programs near you

oppcalendar.jpgTo find upcoming opportunities in your area or among the communities to which you feel drawn, go to VISION's Opportunity Calendar, or go through to see which of your matching communities have posted opportunities on VISION (if a community has an upcoming event, you will see a little chainlink icon running along the top of the listing).

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Short takes

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visionposter_2011smallest.jpgRELIGIOUS LIFE TIMELINE available in a downloadable pdf format on online at the VISION website. Please feel free to copy and distribute.

visionposter_2011smallest.jpgDISCOUNTED RATES ON THEOLOGY COURSES Your connection with VISION as a discerner, Vocation Director, religious educator, member of a religious institute allows you to receive discounted rates on online theology courses offered through the University of Notre Dame's STEP program. For more information go to the STEP homepage.


Editors are standing by

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We encourage you to send your profile to the communities with whom you match. Vocation Directors are skilled at helping people discern their vocation and are happy to help even if you are newly discerning or unsure just where you are being called.


Sister Julie of answers your vocation questions:
Is a college degree
necessary for religious life?

Ask award-winning Catholic author and scholar Alice Camille about Catholicism: 
Do Catholics believe in ghosts?

What is the Liturgy of the Hours?

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