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June 2010

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We hate to toot our own horn, but . . .

VISION Vocation Guide was recently honored with four awards from the Catholic Press Association for the following articles that appeared in the 2010 issue of VISION:

Best Original Poetry-First Place
“Just Take It” by Father Larry Janowski, O.F.M.
Judges' comments:
The poem’s message of action and decision offers profound insight into the human condition. The conversational and direct tone lends the poem great power, appropriate to the subject matter and to Frost’s own voice. The sonnet-like structure further supports the poem’s quiet, understated wisdom.
Read online at:

Best Essay-Second Place
“Monks build community one living stone upon another”
by Brother Francis Wagner, O.S.B.
Judges' comments: The author opens with the question “does death actually give life meaning?” and goes on to answer his question by discussing the way he views death and reflecting back on funerals. Well-written and very explanatory.
Read online at:

Best Personality Profile-Second Place
“Teacher First, Sister Always” by Leslie Scanlon
Judges' comments: The author tells Sister Lee Ann McNally’s story through people she has helped. She paints a picture of her subject with strong detail and anecdotes. The writing is clear and concise. She uses quotes to tell the story.
Read online at:

Best Photo Story-Third Place
“Sacred Places: Where beauty and grace meet” text by Joel Schorn
Judges' comments: This is a stunning group of architectural photos, each one shot with obvious attention to the finest detail. They reverently capture the beauty and grandeur of their subjects, the “sacred spaces” mentioned in the opening text.
Read online at:

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