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February 2010

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WHENEVER the Vatican announces its list of canonizations, it is a time of celebration and awe. We celebrate because everyday people, not unlike you and me, managed to find a path to holiness. It gives us hope that we can do the same. Yet, the witness of these holy people--their personal sacrifices and dedicated service to the mission of the church--also fill us with humility and awe. We wonder: How faithful am I? What more could I do? Where do I fall down? Where do I get it right? How can I build upon my strengths? From whom should I seek guidance?

These are nagging questions that follow each of us throughout our lives. VISION Vocation Guide is specifically designed to help you explore your options and find answers. We hope you find it to be a useful resource. May we also suggest that you look to the church's newest saints for inspiration as you discern your next steps: Australian Josephite Sister Mary MacKilllop was one who didn't wait untill all her i's were dotted and t's crossed to act. She saw a need and responded. Holy Cross Brother André Bessette persevered in his desire to become a healing presence to the poor and sick of Montreal despite having a number of doors closed to him. (See our recent blog post for more on these and other soon-to-be-canonized saints.


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