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April 2009 
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Trend survey widely received

THE Third Annual Trends Report was sent out over the PR wires to hundreds of media outlets and via email to nearly 30,000 individuals, parishes, and vocation-related groups. We've received dozens of positive responses from pastors, parishes groups, vocation directors, religious men and women, and former and current discerners who were encouraged and surprised by the report.

Men only/Women only responses:  The links to discerner responses filtered by "men only" and "women only" were incorrect. Here is a link to a page on the VISION website that contains the 2009 Vocation Trends Report as well as the filtered responses:

Be a part of VISION 2010

LAST CALL to advertisers to get your ad reservations in for VISION 2010 print and online. Please call 800-942-2811.

Vocation Ministers, teachers, discerners: We also welcome suggestions for content you would like to see in print or online in future issues.

Get in STEP

THE VISION Vocation Network offers discounted online courses through the University of Notre Dame’s Satellite Theological Education Project (STEP). Discerners if you are interested, ask a Vocation Director with whom you've been in contact to sponsor you. Vocation Directors, enroll your community’s discerners, candidates, members, associates, oblates, and others in STEP online courses at a 20 percent discount.

We recommend the following courses:

    April 2009 Course
          The Doctrine of Salvation in Jesus Christ
    June 2009 Courses
          Introduction to the Catholic Faith
          Mary as Mother: A Symbol of Life and Hope
               for Christians

For more information, including a full schedule of STEP courses, and to register, visit the STEP website at Make sure to select the VISION Vocation Network discount when registering!

In Memoriam

GREG LONG of IdeaPort Consultants, the programming genius behind, died suddenly last month from septic shock. Please keep his family in your prayers. We are grateful for the many talents he shared with us and for his selfless dedication and service to the church.

Keep in Mind

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