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February 2009

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VISION prepares
Vocation Trends survey

IN THE NEXT WEEK many of you will receive an online questionnaire that will help us prepare the Third Annual Survey on Trends in Vocations. We hope you will be able to spare a few minutes to answer our questions. The more responses we receive, the more comprehensive the information we can share.

VISION 2010 in production

VISION 2010 is now in production and we are accepting print and online ad reservations. For more information about advertising in VISION, please go to the Advertisers' page online, or call 800-942-2811.

Vocation Ministers, teachers, discerners: We also welcome suggestions for content you would like to see in print or online in future issues.

From our blogs

A real, live nun offers insight into religious life

Nun encounters are rare occurrences in the lives of most Americans. In the January issue of America, Sister Charlene Diorka, a Sister of St. Joseph of Philadelphia, describes how her chance meeting with a curious 20-year-old during a short plane flight, gave her the opportunity to reflect on her vocation and what it means to be a "real, live nun" in the 21st century. Here are the key things she says she learned over the past 25 years: Read more online.

Discover why actor Mickey Rourke, U.S. House of Representatives Chaplain Father Daniel Coughlin, and Polish breakdancers were the subject of recent blog posts. Read more online.

Trappist cheese makes a comeback in Bosnia.
Yum . . . Read more online.

Keep in Mind

Ash Wednesday
(February 25).

Things to do for Lenten inspiration:

+ Follow the Take Five for Faith daily meditations on the VISION homepage.

Read the Alice, I'm Wondering column, here is a taste of her recent insights on the question of our free will:

"Like any divine gift, our freedom comes complete with
responsibility. It does, after all,
make a difference which choices
we make. Choose the way of destruction, and you’re in for a
world of hurt. Choose the way of planting and building, and the future blossoms into fuller and greater life. What we reap, we sow. That isn’t God rewarding us or getting even with us, as the case may be. It’s just the natural consequences of our free decision.

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